Our services are applicable to software products, websites, Internet applications, intranets, online services, forms, voice interfaces, customer-servicing, processes, devices, brands, advertising materials, and commercials.

We offer our services worldwide. We are always ready to tailor each service or combination of services to meet your needs.

Our working languages are English and Bulgarian.


  • Usability testingUsability testing
    Observe people as they use your product or the products of your competitors. Based on the observations come up with a list of suggestions for improving the design.
  • Usability testingExpress Usability Analysis
    Based on expert experience, standards, and industry-wide knowledge, review the usability and user experience offered by your product and recommend ways for improving the design.
  • Comparative researchComparative research
    Compare your product to similar or competitive products or compare different designs for your product or website.


  • Interaction and interface designInteraction and interface design
    Prepare the information architecture and prototype the interface of your website, web application, intranet, e-shop, portal, or desktop software, or design your application forms and processes for servicing customers.
  • Website content and interface textsWebsite content and interface texts
    Write the complete texts for your website or edit the texts you already have and adapt them for reading on the web. Prepare the interface texts of your application - labels, menus, buttons, in-built instructions, and messages - the means of your website or application for communicating with users.
  • User documentationUser documentation
    Prepare for your product: help, usage or installation instructions, manual, glossary, training materials, demos, and presentations. We can also edit your existing documentation, advise you on your documentation process, and offer you training in technical writing.

Consulting, training, and facilitation

  • Consulting
    Help you run your own usability studies, establish usability practices in your company, pick a development agency for your project, evaluate and select a software product, build a documentation team, or polish your documentation-authoring practices.
  • Training courses
    UX Sofia: UX design and usability conference
    UX Academy: UX design and usability workshops
  • Facilitation
    Help you recruit participants for usability testing, provide tools and facilities, find interviewers, or run your studies.