Website content and interface texts


Our writers, with significant experience writing for the web and observing users reading on the web,

We can also prepare the interface texts of your application - captions, menus, button labels, in-built user instructions, and messages - the means of your website or application for communicating with users. These are included as a deliverable in our Interaction and interface design services.


We do not have a typical price. We will give you a price quote when we get familiar with your project. The price depends on the volume of the content, the specifics of the domain, and the scope of the task. Please contact us at [email protected] or (359 2) 48 33 957.


The texts you receive contain the information your users need and presents it in a form that users understand and enjoy. This is our guarantee for the increased effectiveness of your website.

Deliverables vary depending on the scope of the project. The full set includes:

We know that delivering good content is of crucial importance for the success of a website, so we can also offer your team training in writing for the web.

When to order?

Consider requesting our content services when:


We do not have a typical schedule. We will give you an estimate when we get familiar with the project. We will report our progress on a daily or weekly basis, and update the schedule accordingly.


We aim to be efficient and effective, and we work closely with the client.

Our typical process has 6 steps:

  1. Goal. Discuss with you the business goals of the website, and the needs of users.
  2. Users. Define user personas and their interaction flow through the product. Identify 'red routes' – the critical and the most frequent activities.
  3. Review your existing content.
  4. Iteratively:
    1. Prepare templates and guidelines for writing your content (update as necessary)
    2. Write or edit content.
    3. Receive client feedback.
    4. Test the sample texts with users.
    5. Modify and fine-tune the content.
  5. Delivery. Submit or upload the content.
  6. Submit the templates and writing guidelines.

Confidentiality and Publicity

We keep the results confidential. We will not announce that we are working on a specific project unless you want us to do it.

We may use some of the findings, with your explicit permission, in our publications or presentations. We may also request your permission to prepare a case study and use it for marketing and PR purposes for the shared benefit of you as a client and Lucrat as a service provider.

How to order?

Contact Lucrat by email at [email protected] or by phone at (359 2) 48 33 957 to ask for more information, to request this service, or to discuss your needs with a consultant.