Comparative research


We compare your product to similar or competitive products or compare different designs for your product or website.

What can be compared?

User experience, interaction flows, and feature sets of:

We can also compare your product to the imaginary ideal products that live in your users' minds.


The typical price is about €3 000 for comparing one website with two other websites. The price depends on the nature scope of the comparison, number of compared products, and comparison method.

The typical price in other currencies (may vary based on exchange rate):


Written report including:

If performing the comparison through usability testing:

Presentation of the results and discussion with your team.

When to order?

You may want to request comparative research when:


Typically, comparing one website with two other websites takes about 2 weeks.


We can perform the comparison in the form of usability testing or usability review.

If comparing different designs for your product or website (for example two different versions of a homepage), we would incorporate the comparison in the usability testing scenario.

The typical comparison research process has 5 steps:

  1. Goal. Discuss your business goals and needs, your users, and your users' needs.
  2. Scope. Identify the products to be compared – usually your product and 2 or 3 competitors. Define areas to be compared and comparison criteria.
  3. Assessment. Perform the actual comparison.
  4. Analysis. Process the results, summarize and analyze the findings, and prepare the report.
  5. Delivery. Present the results.

Confidentiality and Publicity

We keep the results confidential. We will not announce that we are working on a specific project unless you want us to do it.

We may use some of the findings, with your explicit permission, in our publications or presentations. We may also request your permission to prepare a case study and use it for marketing and PR purposes for the shared benefit of you as a client and Lucrat as a service provider.

How to order?

Contact Lucrat by email at [email protected] or by phone at (359 2) 48 33 957 to ask for more information, to request this service, or to discuss your needs with a consultant.