Case Studies

Lucrat's case studies

Consecutive usability tests

Website of a fully automated phone service - orbitel.
Two consecutive usability tests: a working prototype and the site before release. After test two we measured a 65% increase in usability.
The number of successfully completed registrations increased by 50%.

Content usability testing

Content usability testing and preparation of content for the website of the Bulgarian National Revenues Agency. We tested the description of the services on the site. Based on the results, we rewrote the descriptions and prepared templates for presenting the services on the site.

Remote usability testing

Flight reservations website. Comparative remote usability testing of competitor websites before redesign of the client website.
Equipment used: Morae, GoToMeeting, Skype, Phone

Contextual observation

Contextual observation of users working with a desktop application.
Based on our analysis of the collected data, we suggested ways to reorder the interface to make it more comfortable and optimize the use of the screen, make common tasks simpler and more efficient, reduce interruptions to even out workflow.

Iterative interaction and interface design

For the water supplier of Sofia, we prepared a full prototype of the website and the administrative module. We tested the prototype, applied changes based on the result.
The client used the prototype to pitch for a developer to implement the project.

Charity Benchmark Study

Comparative expert evaluation of 110 websites of leading British charity organizations for usability, accessibility, communication options, transparency, and user integration options.
Conducted for iConcertina (now OpenFace) and published at e-consultancy: 2006 report, 2007 report.

Bank-site usability research

Comparative usability testing of 12 Bulgarian bank websites.
The result is a report with recommendations for improving bank website usability, examples, comparison tables, participant comments.