Irina Gerdjikova

Irina GerdjikovaUsability consultant, CEO

She has extensive expertise in designing user studies, working with users, and observing and interviewing people. Her skill for pinpointing the real problems behind what people say and do has helped many companies to improve the quality of the interaction and the user interfaces of their products.

Irina studied Psychology at New Bulgarian University. As a researcher and project manager at the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology at the Cognitive Science department she run psychological experiments on memory, language, and thinking.

Angelina Ivancheva - Toneva

Angelina Ivancheva - TonevaUsability consultant, Marketing

Angelina is responsible for the planning and the implementation of Lucrat's marketing and communication strategies, as well as for the communication with the media and our clients.

Alexander Radev (Sasho)

Alexander RadevUsability consultant, IT

He is an accomplished test moderator and an experienced interaction and visual designer. He is our technical guy who makes our equipment click.

Sasho holds degrees in Experimental Psychology and Graphic and Spatial Design, both from New Bulgarian University.

Dimiter Simov (Jimmy)

Dimiter SimovUsability consultant

He works in the fields of usability, interaction design, quality assurance, and user documentation since 1997. He is an experienced usability analyst and interaction designer.

As a trainer he delivers courses in usability, technical writing, and software testing.

Jimmy holds a BA degree in South-Eastern European Studies from the American university in Bulgaria. He has studied Cognitive Science at New Bulgarian University.