Express Usability Analysis


We will review your site and give 10 recommendations for immediate improvements in functionality, design and usability. We make a brief analysis and give recommendations that will improve the usability of your site, text or application within five days. The cost is $500 which makes it suitable for projects with limited budget and/or tight time constraints.

What you get

Report containing a list of 10 specific recommendations to improve the functionality and usability of any text, website design or software application.

Other recommendations for future work: areas of the product that need more attention, user studies, additional assessments, and approach to design and development.

An Express Usability Analysis takes 5 days to complete, counted from the day we receive your payment.

What we need

We'll send you a short questionnaire, besides it, we typically also need:

Suitable for

Guaranteed quality

Our team has worked in the field of analyzing website and software usability with and without users since 2000. We have worked on hundreds of projects and we have observed thousands of user interactions. We also use extensively the world-wide knowledge of the entire usability community available as guidelines, rules, principles, standards, cases studies, presentations, trainings, and articles.

If you are not satisfied with our report and recommendations, please send a reasoned explanation within 3 working days of receipt of the report and will refund 90% of the money.


We keep all the results confidential, we may use some of the findings only with your written and explicit consent. We may also request your permission to prepare a case study and use it for marketing and PR purposes for the shared benefit of you as a client and Lucrat as a service provider.